Q and A with Dr. Block

CC48246A-7A25-486E-90F5-EF67B0ADB635Q: Why did you go into dentistry?
A: I went into dentistry because I have always enjoyed the medical sciences. I saw dentistry as a great way to have a practice where I can develop long term relationships with patients and take care of their dental needs.
Q: What drew you to Monticello Family Dentistry?
A: I joined Monticello Dentistry in 2006. I was seeking a practice in the area and had a chance to meet Dr. Erickson who was looking for another dentist to join the practice.  I knew it was a great fit, as our practice philosophies were so similar.  Monticello is a great growing community, and is a wonderful place to establish a practice.
Q: What is your favorite part of Dentistry?
A: My favorite part of dentistry is working with patients and developing a long term relationship with them.  It is very rewarding to be able to help patients with their needs and be there for them over their lifetime.