Keep your teeth strong over the holidays!

The holidays are just around the corner and so are the holiday treats. Foods such as candy, cakes and cookies contain little nutritional value and the types of sugars they contain adhere to teeth more readily.  Bacteria in your mouth consume these sugars and lead to cavities.  Slowly sipping sugary drinks throughout the day gives bacteria an ample food supply and in many people will lead to tooth decay.  It is better to drink a sugary drink quickly and rinse with water afterwards.  Without question water is the most tooth friendly beverage option.

You may want to consider cheese, milk, yogurt and almonds as these all contain high levels of calcium which is great for your teeth health.  Foods rich in phosphorus such as meat and eggs also help to protect and rebuild tooth enamel.  Foods high in water and fiber such as fruits and vegetables stimulate saliva and help to clean the teeth.

Have a wonderful holiday season!