How Does Dental Insurance Work?

The following tips will give you insight on how to navigate your dental insurance policy.  Dental insurance policies are straightforward and specific regarding what procedures are covered and exactly how much you have to pay out of pocket.


Preventative dental includes cleanings, x-rays and exams. There are two limitations to be aware of on preventive: frequencies and time frame. For example most policies allow 2 cleanings, 2 exams and 1 set of x-rays in a year, but policies will vary on the amount of time you need between each preventative visit.

Deductibles and Co-Pays:

An insurance deductible is the minimum amount that must be paid before the insurance company will pay for anything. For example, if the deductible is $150 and your procedure is for $92, the insurance does not kick in until you pay the entire deductible. Once the deductible is met, most policies only cover a percentage of the remaining costs, which usually ranges from 50% to 80% of the total bill. Co-pays are a set amount that is required for each visit.

Important Questions to Ask:

All dental insurance is different. Some important questions to ask your HR person or your insurance company are:

  1. Is there a missing tooth clause?
  2. Are there any waiting periods?
  3. What are my preventative frequencies?
  4. What is my deductible?
  5. What is my maximum dental allowance a year?
  6. What percentage is covered on preventative, basic work and major work?

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