In House Plan

$400 per adult patient

$230 per child patient

What’s Included: 

2 Dental Exams

1 Emergency Exam

2 Basic Teeth Cleaning

All X-rays

Keep everyone in the family smiling with quality dental care that cost substantially less: from kids to grandparents, you can all have smiles you’ll be proud of. Now there is no need to cut corners on your oral health because you do not have dental insurance. Monticello Family Dentistry’s prepaid discount dental plan can save you money on all of these:

* Exams                      * X-rays

* Cleanings                * Fillings

* Crowns                    * Partials

* Dentures                 * Extractions

Who is eligible?

Anyone who does not have dental insurance.

When does the membership begin/expire?

The membership begins the day it is purchased and expires one year later.

Is there a limit to the amount of treatment?

There is no limit to the amount of subsequent treatment that you can have done at 15% discount, there is no waiting period and there is no maximum.

What if I can’t pay at the time of service?

If you can not pay at or before the time of treatment, then the “normal fee” applies for that visit. The 15% discount becomes available for subsequent visits when the account is paid in full. If extended payment plans are necessary, you might look in to opening a “Care Credit” account.

What about referrals to other providers?

There is no discount for outside providers. There are a few procedures that are often referred to outside specialists.

What about periodontal maintenance?

If you are on a periodontal maintenance program, then your maintenance could be done at your “free visit” along with appropriate examination and x-rays. Please note scaling and root planning does not apply as a “free first visit.”

May I use “Care Credit” to pay for my membership and fees?

If Care Credit is used to pay for treatment, then there will be 10% discount rather than 15%.

What about next year?

When your membership comes to a close, ask us about our auto renewal option.