Hello Neighbor,

With all of the attention on the new health care laws, we started thinking about affordable dental care for our neighbors who do not have dental insurance.


For too long, many people have been left out of affordable dental care, because they do not have dental insurance.  We can not change the world, but we can put together a plan that will help our neighbors, especially families with children.


We are pleased to present our Monticello Family Dentistry prepaid discount dental plan.  For a membership fee of $275 for adults and $190 for children, you can be a member of this plan and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Dental Exams ( 2 per year )
  • Emergency Exam ( 1 per year )
  • Basic Teeth Cleaning ( 2 per year )
  • Xrays
  • 15% discount on all additional services  

The 15% discount is available when the member pays the entire reduced fee at the time of service.


There is no “waiting period,” no deductible and there is no maximum.  There is no insurance approval process and no rejections.


It is important to know that this plan is offered exclusively by Monticello Family Dentistry and does not apply anywhere else, so if you don’t want to come here, then it is not a good plan for you.  We have, however, enjoyed considerable approval in the community.  We have been honored to receive the “Peoples Choice Award” in the Monticello area for the last few years.  Ask your neighbors.  There is a better than 50% chance that they know us.


Nothing like this can be simple enough to fit on one page so we have answers to the following questions on the next few pages.



What is covered?

Once you enroll in the discount plan and pay the fee, you are entitled to…

Dental Exams ( 2 per year )

Emergency Exam ( 1 per year )

Basic Teeth Cleaning ( 2 per year )


15% discount on all additional services


When does the membership begin/expire?

The membership begins the day it is purchased and expires one year later.


What is the “normal fee?”

The 15% discount is from our “normal fee.”  The “normal fee” is the fee that we charge for the service provided to all of our patients, and the fee that we have on file with the dental insurance companies with whom we have contracts.  This is not to be confused with the contracted fees of various dental insurance companies.


Is there a limit to amount of treatment?

The “free visit” is: Cleaning appointment with the hygienist, dental examination by the doctor and indicated x-rays. There is no limit to the amount of subsequent treatment that you can have done at the 15% discount, there is no waiting period and there is no maximum.  The membership is for one year, so there is a time limit for receiving treatment under this plan, but of course you are free to enroll again.


Is there any restriction of appointment times?

There is no special restriction.  Appointments may be made for any time that the office is open for treating our clientele.


What if my appointment must be rescheduled?

If you can not come to your scheduled appointment for your visit, please let us know as much in advance as possible so that the hygienist’s time is not wasted.  If you can make sure that we know 24 hours ahead, then we will gladly reschedule your visit.


What happens if I forget my appointment?

If your appointment time comes and goes and we have not heard from you, we call that a failed appointment.  That would use up your “free visit.” Bummer.  We would be happy to see you with your 15% discount for another visit.


May I use “Care Credit” to pay for my membership and fees?

Care Credit is a special form of credit card account that provides extended payment options for health related services.  Care Credit may be used to pay for the membership.  If Care Credit is used to pay for treatment, then there will be 10% discount rather than 15%, because Care Credit already has more than a 5% service charge built into it.


What if I can’t pay at the time of service?

This is a prepaid discount plan, not an alternative fee schedule.  If you can not pay at or before the time of treatment, then the “normal fee” applies.  The 15% discount becomes available for subsequent visits when the account is paid in full.  If extended payment plans are necessary, you might look in to opening a “Care Credit” account.


What about referrals to other providers?

This is a discount membership for this practice only.  It applies to all of the services that we provide, but there is no discount for outside providers.  There are a few procedures that are often referred to outside specialists.  This is particularly true for referrals for Oral surgery, Orthodontics, Pediatric dentistry, Periodontal treatment, and Endodontic treatment.


What about Periodontal maintenance?

If you are on a periodontal maintenance program, then your maintenance could be done at your “free visit” along with appropriate examination and x-rays.  Please note scaling and root planning does not apply as a “free visit.”


What about next year?

When your membership year comes to a close, ask us about our renewal option.